We can all agree that watching children grow is a remarkable process. It can be full of many joyful and fulfilling moments, as our children weave in and out of their developmental milestones.

Parenting your children can also seem like you’re riding a roller coaster. At certain points you are enjoying your child and at other times you can’t help but wonder what happened to the fun loving enjoyable child you once had. Parenting, at a time like this, can seem like it’s becoming more and more challenging than ever.

As a parent, you may not remember your child’s day to day changes, however, looking back over your children’s past years, you may recall times when their behaviour was smooth and calm and being a parent felt fulfilling. You may also remember times when your children’s behaviour was demanding and challenging, and made you feel as if you failed as a parent. As you reflect on these moments, you begin to realize that children’s development is not so easy and basic, but rather it has its good moments and challenging times as well.

As parents, we try to do the best we can as we teach our children our morals, family values and discipline; however we could benefit from applying more effective parenting techniques and styles that would help when dealing with certain challenging and difficult behaviours.

Features of Parenting Skills Training

increasing your knowledge about stages of child development and what to expect at certain ages (challenging and positive behaviours)

effective parent/ child communication

understanding parenting styles and intergenerational parenting

understanding the importance of using words of encouragement and praising your child

increasing knowledge of age-appropriate and effective discipline

understanding your role as a parent

enhancing your knowledge of resources that can assist with making your parenting more effective

increasing knowledge of how to parent a child diagnosed with child behaviours such as ADHD, anxiety, or anger

understanding the importance of attachment

increasing your awareness of cultural differences/ expectations while living in a western society and discuss how parents and children can work together to maintain a healthy relationship

enhancing ability to deal with parent-teen conflicts

Parenting is an adventure full of positive and challenging interactions with our children. Through the parenting counselling experience, it is my hope that you will develop new skills and learn new possibilities to help strengthen your relationship with your child.

I have facilitated many of these parenting techniques in parenting classes offered in the Delta Community. I attend seminars and keep updated on the most current skills regarding children and parenting so I can provide updated feedback to my clients. Having children of my own, I am very familiar with the challenges and also the unforgettable moments of being a parent.

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