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Family Counselling can help family members improve their communication and resolve the conflicts

Therapy can include all members of the family as well as only those who wish to participate. Through this therapeutic process, the therapist would aim to teach new skills to help strengthen family connection, provide tools to work through these stressful times, to enhance communication levels and deepen the family bond.

We provide a safe place for families to discuss their topics of conflict, work on identifying the problem, develop strategies for everyone involved and helping move forward in a healthy manner. Sessions that includes family members allows each person to understand their role in the family, allowing the client to see that he/she is loved and that the family cares enough to work on making the necessary adjustments to help them through this difficult time.

Teen age years can be very difficult for both the youth and the parents. There are so many changes occurring both physically and with their emotional well- being and it may be difficult to communicate some of the feelings and thoughts that are running through the adolescent’s world. Parents and teenagers may not see eye to eye and this is the stage where kids tend to show more independence or rely on peers for guidance. During this stage, adolescents need their parents more than ever. These are crucial years to maintain the attachment with your children so they can develop family morals and values and choose the right path when it comes to decision making.

A youth and family counsellor can work individually with the adolescent to work on their personal issues such as assertiveness, enhance their self-esteem, work on decreasing their anxiety, and help set personal boundaries, build communication skills, reduce stress and help cope with depression. Through therapy, the adolescent should be able to report having greater sense of enjoyment, satisfaction, meaning of life and better communication.


Counselling can help with many topics such as:

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