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Relationships can be both rewarding and challenging, and sometimes couples need support to navigate through difficult times. At Surrey Delta Family Counselling, our couples counselling services are designed to help partners improve communication, resolve conflicts, and strengthen their emotional connection.

What is Couples Counselling?

Couples counselling, also known as relationship therapy, involves working with partners to address issues that impact their relationship. Our skilled counselors provide a safe and supportive environment where couples can explore their concerns, learn effective communication strategies, and work towards a healthier and more fulfilling relationship.

Our Approach

Our approach to couples counselling is tailored to meet the unique needs of each relationship. Led by Angela Pallan and her team of experienced counsellors, including Elnaz, Kiran, and Yoshi, we focus on:

  • Improving communication: We help couples develop better listening and speaking skills to understand each other’s perspectives and express their needs more effectively.
  • Resolving conflicts: Our counselors assist couples in identifying the root causes of their disagreements and finding constructive ways to resolve them.
  • Rebuilding trust: For couples dealing with issues of trust, we offer guidance and support to rebuild a strong foundation of honesty and reliability.
  • Enhancing emotional intimacy: We work with couples to deepen their emotional connection, fostering a stronger bond and greater mutual understanding.

Marital Counselling

Couples Counselling at Surrey Delta Family Counselling

When to Seek Couples Counselling

Couples may benefit from counselling if they are experiencing:

  • Frequent arguments or ongoing conflicts.
  • Communication breakdowns or misunderstandings.
  • Trust issues, including infidelity.
  • Emotional distance or lack of intimacy.
  • Life transitions such as marriage, childbirth, or relocation.
  • Stress from external factors like work, finances, or family issues.


Our Expertise

Our team of registered clinical counsellors has extensive experience in helping couples navigate their relationship challenges. Angela Pallan, along with Elnaz, Kiran, and Yoshi, provides compassionate and professional support, tailored to the unique dynamics of each couple.

Marital Counselling

Through discussion and using the tools provided, you will be able to

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