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My Style of Therapy / Approaches Used

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CTB)

Holistic Approach



Narrative Therapy

Family Systems

Marriage and Couples Counselling

poor communication

differences in parenting styles

blended/ extended family differences

financial strain

overwhelmed with trying to balance work, home and social life

lack of intimacy

lack of trust in relationship

life transitions

cultural differences

increasing your knowledge about stages of child development and what to expect at certain ages (challenging and positive behaviours)

effective parent/ child communication

understanding parenting styles and intergenerational parenting

understanding the importance of using words of encouragement and praising your child

increasing knowledge of age-appropriate and effective discipline

understanding the importance of attachment

enhancing ability to deal with parent-teen conflicts

marriage and relationship Issues

parenting challenges (various child behaviours)

dealing with separation, divorce and blended families

coping with trauma and abuse (emotional, physical, and sexual)

feeling symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression (post-partum depression)

low self-esteem

difficulty managing your anger

feelings of unhappiness and hopelessness

behaviours or feelings that can be hurtful to you (cutting, thoughts of suicide)

life transitions (moving, changing jobs, leaving home to go to school)

coping with grief and loss (loss of a loved one or break-up in a relationship)

concerns about body image (eating disorders)

increased use of alcohol, drugs and cigarettes or other addictions (gambling)

changes in your sleep patterns and health

feelings of being overwhelmed with day to day things

inability to concentrate

feeling that you want to make changes in your situation, but keep repeating the same things over and over again

feelings of not wanting to be around family and friends

Family Issues (cross-cultural issues within spousal and child(ren) relationships, violence in family, family of origin issues)

transitional changes

addiction issues

parental boundaries/ expectations and limits

cultural differences (parents having a difficult time with adopting to western beliefs and values)

working through the particular problem and coming up with a suitable strategy

adolescents, anxiety, depression, anger, stress and how that impacts the parent/ child relationship

dealing with abuse (emotional, physical, sexual)

dealing with trauma

dealing with eating disorders/ issues with body images

effective communication

problem solving skills