Child and Youth Counselling

Is your child experiencing anxiety? Is there a constant battle between you and your child while setting limits on their electronics? Are you concerned about your child’s behavior?

There are many factors that cause children/youth to act out and present problematic behaviours that are concerning to parents and teachers. Some of these include:

a new transition in the home (divorce, new baby, death of a loved one)

bullying at school

peer pressure

stress of presentations/ exams

body image concerns


suicidal thoughts




Children may not understand how to express their emotions in a healthy manner yet, and may use acting out behaviours instead of words to express their emotions.

Your child might present some of the following behavioural issues that require immediate intervention:


mood swings

socially withdrawn, peer conflicts

changes in appetite/ eating disorders

defiant behavior

changes in sleep patterns

grades dropping, incomplete assignments

complaints about not feeling well (headaches, stomach aches), wanting to miss school




I use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as treatment for children and youth who are experiencing anxiety and struggle with stress or depression. My aim is to help children move from irrational ways of thinking to more positive and effective ways of thinking and feeling. I will provide them with practical tools for managing their anxiety and help them regulate their behaviours. I work on refuting irrational thoughts, stress management techniques, coping skills and relaxation strategies to help enhance the social-emotional well being of children and youth.