Marital Counselling Services in Surrey BC – We can agree that being in a relationship can be full of fun times and amazing experiences but has some challenging moments as well. I am familiar with both experiences as I have been married for over 20 years. I have two wonderful teen boys. I understand the challenges of trying to balance work, home and family life, while trying to fit in “quality time” with your significant other. Personally, I feel that being able to communicate one’s needs in an effective manner is key in helping establish a stronger bond between two people while maintaining a healthy relationship.

While experiencing positive encounters with your partner, more often than not, there are issues or conflicts that arise that are unresolved and become part of a reoccurring problem in one’s relationship. Have you ever brought up things from the past that have nothing to do with what you are actually mad about, but say it anyway because you know it will cause a reaction from your partner? It can be hard to let certain things go. You can feel angry and frustrated about why your partner just doesn’t see your point of view.

You may not focus as much on the things that you used to, as a result of changes that occurred in your life (transition of becoming a parent, financial strain, changing jobs) and you can start resenting your partner. You may also feel that you are being taken advantage of, or that your partner just does not understand you anymore (or doesn’t care to). There are so many factors in one’s life that add on to the day to day stress (work, children, and chores) that when it comes to dealing with your relationship, you feel exhausted.

You may start to feel like you are having the same useless conversation over and over again. Couples can argue over several things. Some of these can include:

Marriage Counselling Surrey

Marriage Counselling Surrey can assist couples to help recognize and to better manage their differences or gridlocked conflicts, resulting in healthier and more effective communication and relationship.
Some couples may feel more comfortable talking about their feelings and gridlocked conflicts in the presence of a counselor so they can move forward from the same argument and come up with a suitable solution. Married couples will be seen both individually and jointly by a therapist to assist them in resolving various marital problems.

Through discussion and using the assessment tools provided, you will be able to

  • increase your ability to use effective communication skills
  • understand one another’s perspective, attitude and behaviour
  • discuss what makes a relationship work and what a healthy relationship looks like
  • help identify specific problems and strengths in the dynamics of your relationship
  • understand gridlocked conflicts in your relationship
  • determine interventions and strategies that help strengthen your conflict management skills and move from the gridlocked issue to positive dialogue

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I’m Angela Pallan, I Specialize in Individual, Family, & Couples Counselling; I’m Fluent in English, Hindi and Punjabi. Credentials: Registered Clinical Counsellor (R.C.C.)., M.A. Counselling Psychology, B.A Child and Youth Care Counselling, Years of Experience: 18.

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My approach to counseling is to provide an emotionally safe place for you to talk openly about what issues are bothering you.

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