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 Counselling Services I Provide

Marital Counselling

Marital Counselling Service in Surrey BC – We can agree that being in a relationship can be full of fun times and amazing experiences but has some challenging moments as well. I am familiar with both experiences as I have been married for over thirteen years. I have two wonderful boys, aged six and nine. I understand the challenges of trying to balance work, home and family life, while trying to fit in “quality time” with your significant other.

Parenting Skills

Parenting Skills – We can all agree that watching children grow is a remarkable process. It can be full of many joyful and fulfilling moments, as our children weave in and out of their developmental milestones.

Parenting your children can also seem like you’re riding a roller coaster. At certain points you are enjoying your child and at other times you can’t help but wonder what happened to the fun loving enjoyable child you once had. Parenting, at a time like this, can seem like it’s becoming.

Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling Services in Surrey BC – are you having trouble coping with a particular problem? Are you struggling with an addiction? Are stress, anxiety, and depression taking over your life? Anyone can benefit from counseling. Don’t think that your problem is too big or too small in order to seek professional help. Counselling can help sort out your thoughts, can help reduce internal suffering which may occur in the form of problematic behaviours, beliefs, feelings.

Family Counselling

Family Counselling can help family members improve their communication and resolve the conflicts. Therapy can include all members of the family as well as only those who wish to participate. Through this therapeutic process, the therapist would aim to teach new skills to help strengthen family connection, provide tools to work through these stressful times, to enhance communication levels and deepen the family bond.

Child and Youth Counselling

Child and Youth Counselling – Is your child experiencing anxiety? Is there a constant battle between you and your child while setting limits on their electronics? Are you concerned about your child’s behavior?

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