26 Jul 2018
Child and Youth Counselling

Child and Youth Counselling

Is your child experiencing anxiety? Is there a constant battle between you and your child while setting limits on their electronics? Are you concerned about your child’s behavior?

There are many factors that cause children/youth to act out and present problematic behaviours that are concerning to parents and teachers. Some of these include:

a new transition in the home (divorce, new baby, death of a loved one)

bullying at school

peer pressure

stress of presentations/ exams

body image concerns


suicidal thoughts




Children may not understand how to express their emotions in a healthy manner yet, and may use acting out behaviours instead of words to express their emotions.

Your child might present some of the following behavioural issues that require immediate intervention:


mood swings

socially withdrawn, peer conflicts

changes in appetite/ eating disorders

defiant behavior

changes in sleep patterns

grades dropping, incomplete assignments

complaints about not feeling well (headaches, stomach aches), wanting to miss school




I use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as treatment for children and youth who are experiencing anxiety and struggle with stress or depression. My aim is to help children move from irrational ways of thinking to more positive and effective ways of thinking and feeling. I will provide them with practical tools for managing their anxiety and help them regulate their behaviours. I work on refuting irrational thoughts, stress management techniques, coping skills and relaxation strategies to help enhance the social-emotional well being of children and youth.

26 Jul 2018
Family Counselling

Family Counselling

Family Counselling in Surrey BC can help family members improve their communication and resolve the conflicts. Therapy can include all members of the family as well as only those who wish to participate. Through this therapeutic process, the therapist would aim to teach new skills to help strengthen family connection, provide tools to work through these stressful times, to enhance communication levels and deepen the family bond.

I would provide a safe place for families to discuss their topics of conflict and dedicate my time to my client and his/her family to assist in identifying the problem, develop a treatment plan in changing the behaviour and assist the adolescent and his/ her family in moving forward in a healthy manner. Sessions that includes family members allows each person to understand their role in the family, allowing the client to see that he/she is loved and that the family cares enough to work on making the necessary adjustments to help them through this difficult time.

Benefits of Family Counselling in Surrey DC with Adolescents

Teen age years can be very difficult for both the youth and the parents. There are so many changes occurring both physically and with their emotional well- being and it may be difficult to communicate some of the feelings and thoughts that are running through the adolescent’s world. Parents and teenagers may not see eye to eye and this is the stage where kids tend to show more independence or rely on peers for guidance. During this stage, adolescents need their parents more than ever. These are crucial years to maintain the attachment with your children so they can develop family morals and values and choose the right path when it comes to decision making.

A youth and family counsellor can work individually with the adolescent to work on their personal issues such as assertiveness, enhance their self-esteem, work on decreasing their anxiety, and help set personal boundaries, build communication skills, reduce stress and help cope with depression. Through therapy, the adolescent should be able to report having greater sense of enjoyment, satisfaction, meaning of life and better communication.

Sessions between Parents and Children/ Youth can include topics such as

26 Jul 2018
Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling

Individual Counselling – Are you having trouble coping with a particular problem? Are you struggling with an addiction? Are stress, anxiety, and depression taking over your life? Anyone can benefit from counselling. Don’t think that your problem is too big or too small in order to seek professional help. Counselling can help sort out your thoughts, can help reduce internal suffering which may occur in the form of problematic behaviours, beliefs, feelings or through sensations in your body.

Individual Counselling in Surrey BC can be useful for identifying problems such as family of origin issues, stress of a job, or feelings of worthlessness. Therapy can help confront some of your barriers that interfere with your mental and emotional well-being and help provide personal growth. You can get better insight of yourself, increase your positive feelings and enhance your quality of life. Therapy can also strengthen your ability to make the desired changes you could benefit from in your life.

Counsellors can work with you to develop ways to address the various challenges you are experiencing through a positive therapeutic experience. Sessions will be based on the individual/ family problem and the therapist will work with you collaboratively to help sort out your thoughts and determine what you need to do to address your concerns.

Why Should You Schedule an Individual Counselling in Surrey BC

As a professional counsellor in Surrey BC, I can help provide you support by

26 Jul 2018
Parenting Skills

Parenting Skills Counselling

Parenting Skills – We can all agree that watching children grow is a remarkable process. It can be full of many joyful and fulfilling moments, as our children weave in and out of their developmental milestones.

Parenting your children can also seem like you’re riding a roller coaster. At certain points you are enjoying your child and at other times you can’t help but wonder what happened to the fun loving enjoyable child you once had. Parenting, at a time like this, can seem like it’s becoming more and more challenging than ever.

As a parent, you may not remember your child’s day to day changes, however, looking back over your children’s past years, you may recall times when their behaviour was smooth and calm and being a parent felt fulfilling. You may also remember times when your children’s behaviour was demanding and challenging, and made you feel as if you failed as a parent. As you reflect on these moments, you begin to realize that children’s development is not so easy and basic, but rather it has its good moments and challenging times as well.

As parents, we try to do the best we can as we teach our children our morals, family values and discipline; however we could benefit from applying more effective parenting techniques and styles that would help when dealing with certain challenging and difficult behaviours.

Features of Parenting Skills Training

increasing your knowledge about stages of child development and what to expect at certain ages (challenging and positive behaviours)

effective parent/ child communication

understanding parenting styles and intergenerational parenting

understanding the importance of using words of encouragement and praising your child

increasing knowledge of age-appropriate and effective discipline

understanding your role as a parent

enhancing your knowledge of resources that can assist with making your parenting more effective

increasing knowledge of how to parent a child diagnosed with child behaviours such as ADHD, anxiety, or anger

understanding the importance of attachment

increasing your awareness of cultural differences/ expectations while living in a western society and discuss how parents and children can work together to maintain a healthy relationship

enhancing ability to deal with parent-teen conflicts

Parenting is an adventure full of positive and challenging interactions with our children. Through the parenting counselling experience, it is my hope that you will develop new skills and learn new possibilities to help strengthen your relationship with your child.

I have facilitated many of these parenting techniques in parenting classes offered in the Delta Community. I attend seminars and keep updated on the most current skills regarding children and parenting so I can provide updated feedback to my clients. Having children of my own, I am very familiar with the challenges and also the unforgettable moments of being a parent.

15 May 2017
Marital Counselling

Marital Counselling

Marital Counselling Services in Surrey BC – We can agree that being in a relationship can be full of fun times and amazing experiences but has some challenging moments as well. I am familiar with both experiences as I have been married for over thirteen years. I have two wonderful boys, aged six and nine. I understand the challenges of trying to balance work, home and family life, while trying to fit in “quality time” with your significant other. Personally, I feel that being able to communicate one’s needs in an effective manner is key in helping establish a stronger bond between two people while maintaining a healthy relationship.

While experiencing positive encounters with your partner, more often than not, there are issues or conflicts that arise that are unresolved and become part of a reoccurring problem in one’s relationship. Have you ever brought up things from the past that have nothing to do with what you are actually mad about, but say it anyway because you know it will cause a reaction from your partner? It can be hard to let certain things go. You can feel angry and frustrated about why your partner just doesn’t see your point of view.

You may not focus as much on the things that you used to, as a result of changes that occurred in your life (transition of becoming a parent, financial strain, changing jobs) and you can start resenting your partner. You may also feel that you are being taken advantage of, or that your partner just does not understand you anymore (or doesn’t care to). There are so many factors in one’s life that add on to the day to day stress (work, children, and chores) that when it comes to dealing with your relationship, you feel exhausted.

You may start to feel like you are having the same useless conversation over and over again. Couples can argue over several things. Some of these can include:

Marriage Counselling Surrey

Marriage Counselling Surrey can assist couples to help recognize and to better manage their differences or gridlocked conflicts, resulting in healthier and more effective communication and relationship.
Some couples may feel more comfortable talking about their feelings and gridlocked conflicts in the presence of a counselor so they can move forward from the same argument and come up with a suitable solution. Married couples will be seen both individually and jointly by a therapist to assist them in resolving various marital problems.

Through discussion and using the assessment tools provided, you will be able to

increase your ability to use effective communication skills

understand one another’s perspective, attitude and behaviour

discuss what makes a relationship work and what a healthy relationship looks like

help identify specific problems and strengths in the dynamics of your relationship

understand gridlocked conflicts in your relationship

determine interventions and strategies that help strengthen your conflict management skills and move from the gridlocked issue to positive dialogue