Did you and your children survive the first week back to school? How was routine setting? Getting children to bed on time and up early enough to have a good breakfast before they headed off to school? Scheduling reading and homework time? Making lunches and prepping dinner for the next day?
I was also off my routine as I stayed home with my children for the month of August. It was really tough to get my frame of mind back to all the structure that is needed with school aged children. But we survived it!!!! It almost felt as though we were never off on break- and that’s after a short week back.
I hope your children have settled and know who their teachers are by now. It’s an exciting time!
These are some things that I do that help me with setting structure for my children and keep myself organized:
-set an age appropriate bed time (children need their sleep in order to function)
-make sure they have a good breakfast in the morning
-set a time and place that kids can complete their homework
– make myself available to assist with homework/ reading
-make lunches the night before
-have my children pick out their clothes and set it out the night before
-set a menu for the week
I’d love to hear some of the things that you do that would be helpful for the rest of us……….

Advice on keeping yourself organized with back to school routine by Angela Pallan

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